Environmental Policy

Big Room has undertaken an initial environmental review (step 1 in an Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001 or EMAS) to identify the sources of our environmental impacts. We have developed an Environmental Policy and some indicators to track our progress in reducing our impacts over time.

Most of our environmental impacts are indirect rather than direct, and are caused by our use of IT, our office, printed materials and travel.


  • Big Room Inc. will strive to minimize its environmental impacts in its operations, and where it is not possible to cut them, we will offset.
  • Big Room Inc. will foster positive environmental change in the people and organizations we interact with.

IT and Telecommunications

We are a service oriented company with heavy Internet and telephone use. Therefore we commit to:

  • Purchasing only EPEAT or Energy Star certified electronic equipment.
  • Extending the life of all our existing electronic equipment.
  • Sending end of life equipment to a responsible electronics recycling service.
  • Ensuring our computers and monitors operate in energy saving mode, and turning them off when not in use.
  • Using carbon neutral web hosting services. Our host is pair Networks, who are carbon neutral, as certified by Renewable Choice Energy. View pair Networks’s environmental policy.


Launching a company and finding partners sometimes mean getting on a plane to meet people in person. Nonetheless we commit to:

  • Minimize our travel – by use of teleconferencing, Internet communications, and planning trips carefully to make the most of each one.
  • Tracking our air-travel related Greenhouse Gas Emissions using Dopplr’s carbon tool (powered by our friends at AMEE).
  • Offsetting what’s left – at the end of every quarter, we will aggregate our emissions from travel and will purchase offset credits that are independently verified by a reputable offset provider.
  • Reporting: We will report our GHG emissions and offsets every quarter and post online.

Office and Paper

While we seek to minimize the amount of paper we consume, we are not yet a 100% paperless office. Therefore we commit to:

  • Reducing printing at all times
  • Using e-fax services
  • Printing double-sided
  • Printing in ‘draft’ mode to reduce ink use
  • Purchasing paper which is FSC certified, or 100% post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine free
  • Recycling all paper
  • Recycling toner cartridges with a reputable provider

When printing with external suppliers (e.g., for business cards), wherever possible, we will use FSC chain of custody certified providers, and prefer environmentally friendly inks.

Other office related activities

  • Where possible, replacing inefficient lighting with more energy efficient T-8 or T-5 type; and incandescent with CFLs.
  • Using reusable containers for take-out food.
  • Buying EcoLogo certified cleaning products.
  • Recycling all plastic, glass and metal containers, where possible.
  • Walking, cycling, and using public transport wherever possible.